Tainio Technology and Technique, Inc. is a company dedicated to the advancement of productive agriculture through the development, introduction and application of the best in seed varieties, cultural techniques, and soil/plant management technologies. Accordingly the following is the essence of the BIOLOGICAL FARM MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

WHAT IS BFMS? BFMS is an advanced management system utilizing the latest and most highly advanced bio-technology for the agriculture and turf industries. BFMS utilizes the following practices.

Advanced Live biological seed treatments which include REVITAGRO and Micro-Ag Seed life. A broad spectrum (200 enzymes) and stable biological growth activator created by the latest bio-technology. Foliar treatments utilizing live microbe formulas Nutrient base foliar. State of the art soil and plant tissue analysis. Technical advice and consultation.

BFMS BACKGROUND The system is well established and supported and is the culmination of years of research and field testing in many areas.the system draws upon field research from hundreds of thousands of acres of application in the U.S.A. and foreign countries.The system is used in all field crops, greenhouses, fruit, flower, gardens and turf.

BENEFITS: Greater fertilizer efficiency. Improved soil conditions and mellowness. Improved water retention and penetration. Increased nutrient release.


The role of soil micro-organisms in fixing, converting, and supplying in both major and minor nutrient elemental in a sustained manner through the growing season is well documented. Many micro-organisms have been underestimated and neglected in practice. BFMS increases beneficial soil microorganisms and significantly reduces required supplementary soil fertility requirements in the first year of implementation.

The biological aspects of the soil system begin at the rhizosphere which is that part of the soil that encloses and influences the roots of a plant. At this point many aspects of bacteria and fungi colonize in close contact with the root hair. These area specialized group of micro-organisms requiring particular organic substances such as amino acids, vitamins, and simple sugars for their growth. These substances are not usually present in the soil, but are released from activity-growing root cells. As you move further away from the root hair these same microorganisms continue to be present, but in fewer numbers,living on dead microorganisms and past crop residues.

Soil microorganisms influence the growth of plants by breaking down components and increasing the availability of essential nutrients to the plants. Microorganisms located in the rhizosphere have the most effect on plant growth due to their close proximity to the absorbing regions of the root hair. This is achieved by increasing the availability of nutrients or by inhibiting pathogenic organisms near the root.

The BFMS products contain organic substances such as enzymes, amino acids,and growth regulators. Research shows that using BFMS increases soil microorganism activity and their numbers, and with increased activity comes better nutrition and health for your plants. Healthier plants in turn are more disease resistant and increase crop yields.