Pulses are versatile, affordable, nutritious and even good for the environment because they require relatively little water and fertilizer and restore nitrogen to soil. Fieldberg Farm specialize in growing high quality green and yellow peas. Our products are all grown with a highly specialized nutrition program that produces wxtra high energy products.

Yellow Peas

Yellow peas are dried field peas slightly more delicate in flavour than green peas. They have high nutrient value, are high in fiber and boast a low glycemic value making them exceptionally healthy.


Lentils contain the third highest amount of protein of any legume, listed only below soybeans and hemp. They are high in iron, fiber, and folate. Hulled lentil varieties, such as red and some black lentils, provide less fiber than varieties with the hull intact (green and brown).


Chickpeas are an excellent source of protein, which has a variety of health benefits, ranging from weight management to bone health. They are a great choice for individuals who avoid animal products.