Fieldberg Farm Soil Amendment Package

All Natural Products

Healthy Plants. Healthy Food. Healthy People.

98% of the ingredients are produced and packaged by local Medicine Hat Businesses.


Earthworm castings, phosphate, calcium, and other important plant nutrients in the colloidal form so plants can utilize them immediately are sourced locally and compose 98% of our product.

Diatomaceous earth, black earth, humic acid, fulvic acid, three different kelps, common microbes and numerous ingredients which we consider essential for optimum plant growth and production are outsourced and are the balance.

These products are a complete soil nutrition program and are designed to provide the best soil nutrients for optimum growth of all plants.

Our soil program can be used and is complimentary to all other fertilization programs.

Soil, Gardens, and Lawns recommended application rates.

Double application could be applied but more than 20 grams per square foot may be detrimental.

The recommended application rate is 10 grams per square foot for lawns and gardens.

Seed directly or transplant into the soil blend. Spread evenly and water in for lawns.

The recommended soil mix is 10 grams soil amendment mixed with 100 grams grow medium.

Plant application recommended rate.

6″ pot. One teaspoon for small plants. One tablespoon for large plants.

8″ pots. 2 teaspoons for small plants and 2 tablespoons for large plants.

Large pots of about 20 lbs soil. 4 tablespoons.

Established plants. Top dress and incorporate into surface gently.

New transplants. Incorporate into soil. Mix and transplant.

Microbe packages are available for the serious grower.

A: Rooting package to establish usually 20% more roots.

B: Growing package to produce healthier stalks and larger leaves.

C: Foliar package A: These microbes and nutrients are applied as a mist spray and enhance growth, budding, and flowering.

D: Foliar package B: These microbes and nutrients are applied as a spray mist and increase fruit and seed set.