We focus on the product development and manufacturing of high quality natural and organic hemp-based superfoods such as Hemp Super Seeds, Oils and Protein Powders.

Natural and Organic Super Seeds

The fresh succulence and nutty flavour of Altiva Super Seeds lends itself to meeting family tastes and  nutritive requirements. Our hemp is a safe daily support that enriches diverse dietary demands—young to mature, conventional to specialized.

Creatively, one can use fresh in smoothies or on yogurts or salads, in all baked goods, or roasted as crunchy additives to meats or sweets. Altiva Hemp Super Seeds provide a healthy addition to the diverse demands of today’s  lifestyles.


  • 227g / 8 oz.
  • 227g / 8 oz.
  • 908g / 32 oz.
  • Custom Bulk Available


  • Shelled Hemp Seed