Fieldberg Farm Garden and lawn soil amendment is a combination of nutrients and elements that are very beneficial to all plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, lawns grass, vegetables and fruits. Everything that grows benefits from proper nutrition.

We have assembled the required nutrients that all healthy plants love and require. The plant food we have blended contains many important products.

Earthworm Castings (47%) which is residue from healthy earthworms that are fed special food to produce natural gibberellic acid which are plant hormones that regulate various development processes including stem elongation,germination,dormancy, flowering, flower development, and leaf and fruit biological aging. Analysis of earthworm castings reveals that they are rich in iron, sulfur, calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK rating5.5.3). Our earthworm castings are produced by a local Medicine Hat business.

Colloidal phosphate (47%) is a natural product mined from deep in the earth and is composed of fossilized plants that are millions of years old. All of the elements are in the colloid form which means they can be assimilated by plants very easily. The main ingredients are calcium about 22 % and phosphorus about 20%. Colloidal phosphate is essential for plants to be able to transfer essential elements from the roots to the plant. There are another 22 trace elementsin the colloid form which are also essential for good plant growth. This product is also processed by a local area business.

HUMIC ACID; Another product we have blended into our mix is an excellent source of HUMIC substances which are believed to increase water holding capacity, produce products which limited the effects of salinity, increase aeration in the soil, and most importantly establish an environment for microorganism development. Humates also provide the much needed carbon for plant development. This product is also manufactured by a local company.

We also have added to our soil blend 3 varieties of KELP, FULVIC acid and a variety of beneficial plant products that aid in the nutrition of beneficial microbes found in the soil.